Oh! Ken Goldsmith, or What a Poet Wears

I caught Kenneth Goldsmith, poet laureate of the Museum of Modern Art (yes, the MOMA has its own poet laureate, though surely not resident?) on The Colbert Report last night. While a big part of me was happy to see a poet on The Report (what might the Colbert bump do for contemporary poetry?), I was disappointed when Goldsmith’s suggestion to Stephen Colbert that they might spend time reciting poetry played out as the two quoting the lyrics to Oh! Susanna. A fine song and all, wouldn’t a poem have been more appropriate?

Of course, Goldsmith’s attire (boater hat, bright pink suit, and one bright pink and one lime green sock) did sort of beg for a musical number.

They did eventually get around to talking about Goldsmith’s Seven American Deaths and Disasters. Check the clip out below.