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Founded in 1983, Emrys has sponsored music competitions and presented concerts, art exhibitions, conferences, creative writing awards, poetry workshops, readings, and lectures. How Language Is Lost is published by Emrys Press.


Glenda Guion

Glenda Guion is a ceramic artist. Her piece “Seven Generations Shadows” is the cover art for Celisa’s How Language Is Lost chapbook.


Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poets Series

Celisa participated in the 2009-2010 program and worked with poet Becky Gould Gibson.


North Carolina Poetry Society

Celisa has been a member since 2001. She served as the editor of Pinesong for six years and as first vice president in charge of programs for two years. She currently chairs the organization’s long-range planning committee.


Poetry Council of North Carolina

Celisa served on the council from 2005 until to merged with the North Carolina Poetry Society in 2013.